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Hippophae rhamnoides

SynonymsHippophae fructus, Oleum hippophae
Common namesHippophae fructus, Oleum hippophae, Sanddorn, sea buckthorn
Ecocrop code6732

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A deciduous shrub or small tree. USES The fruit is edible, rich vitamins and has medicinal properties. The plant can be grown for soil and water conservation and slope stabilization. It can be used as firewood, as pasture and fodder, for windbreaks and be grown as an ornamental. The leaves can be used as green manure. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Sea buckthorn. FURTHER INF Sea buckthorn is native of China and can there be found at elevation up to 4500 m. It is resistant to cold, drought, frost, hails and strong, dry winds. It is nitrogen fixing.
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