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Catharanthus roseus

Authority(L.) G. Don.
SynonymsLochnera rosea Reichb, Vinca rosea L.
Common namesCape periwinkle, Madagascar periwinkle, periwinkle, red periwinkle, vinca
Ecocrop code652

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small herb or shrub reach a height of 30-100 cm. The stem is erect, cylindrical, green or reddish in colour, and branched near the base. It spreads over an area of about 60-70 cm in diameter. The flowers are bright pink or white. USES It has medicinal properties and is also grown as an ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Periwinkle is a perennial shrub under tropical and subtropical conditions and an annual herb in the temperate zones. In the tropics, the roots are ready for harvest after one year. Grown as an annual herb the first ripe fruits appear after 180-200 days. COMMON NAMES Periwinkle, Madagascar periwinkle, Cape periwinkle, Red periwinkle. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: Lochnera rosea, Vinca rosea. Periwinkle is native of Madagascar. In Hungary, average yield is 3.5-4.5 t/ha of fresh herb, or 1-1.5 t/ha of dried herb. Under irrigation conditions, 1.5 t/ha of roots, 1.5 t/ha of stems and 3 t/ha of leaves cen be obtained.
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