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Frangula alnus

SynonymsRhamnus frangula L.
Common namesalder buckthorn, braktorn, brakved, buckthorn, Faulbaum, Frangulae cortex, korpipaatsama, sprakved, toste, trollhegg, tørst
Ecocrop code6266

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An evergreen shrub growing up to 5 to 8 m high. The bark of the stems is grey and densely covered with lenticels. The leaves are 30-60 mm long and shiny. The flowers are tiny, greenish-white, and found in clusters of 2-6 at the axils of leaves. The fruit is globosre, 4-8 mm in diameter, fleshy, green initially, then red and violet-black later. USES The bark has medicinal properties, but it should be aged for at least one year before use. The bark, leaves and unripe berries can be used as dye. The leaves are eaten be goats, the flowers are visited by bees, and the wood can be used for charcoal and veneers. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. In Ethiopia, it can be found in flower or fruit in all months of the year. COMMON NAMES Bucktthorn, Alder buckthorn, Dogwood, Bois de nerprun, Kreuzdorn, Gesho, Gescha, Gisso, Gebho, Aique, Ehk, Geshi, Hope. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: Rahmnus prinoides, R. pauciflorus, R. frangula. Bucktthorn is indigenous to Europe and western Asia. In Ethiopia, it can be found at elevations from 1500 to 2500 m, in South Africa from sea level, and in East Africa up to 3700 m.
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