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Capsicum frutescens

Common namesboro ni vavalagi, brandrissie, cayenne pepper, cayennepepper, cayennepfeffer, chilli, filfil ahmar, hot pepper, kajennepeppar, kayenski pyerets, la-chiao, mircha, pepe di caienna, perennial pepper, pimenton, poivre rouge, polo, polo fifisi, rokete, Sili, tabasco pepper, te beneka
Ecocrop code621

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A much branched, subshrub reaching 0.5-2.0 m in height. Fruits usually upright, small and narrow, 1 x 5 cm, orange to red when mature. USES The fruit can be used fresh, pickled, or it can be dried and powdered to produce cayenne pepper used in seasonings. It is used in dishes, sauces and occasionally in beverages. Dried fruit is used as an internal stimulant and external counterirritant. GROWING PERIOD Short-lived perennial. May live for 2-3 years. Can be harvested after 120-180 days. (Tindall; the first fruits are produced 80-100 days from transplanting). COMMON NAMES Hot pepper, Bird chilli, Birdseye pepper, Red pepper, Goat pepper, Tabasco pepper, Spur pepper, Tjabe rawit, Tjabe setan, Tse tin tsiu, Tabasco, Chili pepper. FURTHER INF Hot pepper can in tropical and subtropical regions be grown at altitudes between sea level and 1800 m or more. Cooler night temperatures down to 15°C favour fruit setting, although flowering will be delayed as temperatures drop below 25°C, and flowers may not develop if night temperatures rise above 30°C. Optimum yield at low capital input is 1 t/ha of dried chillies, with higher input up to 5.5 t/ha can be obtained.
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