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Cananga odorata

Authority(Lam.) Hook. f. & Thoms.
SynonymsCanangium odoratum Baill.
Common namescadmia, cananga, ilang-ilang, makosoi, mokohoi, mokosoi, moso'oi, ylang ylang
Ecocrop code603

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An evergreen tree with drooping branches reaching a height of 3-30 m. Its flowers are fragrant and yellowish green. USES The fully-opened flowers provide two essential oils. The first is ylang-ylang oil used in expencive perfumery. The second, cananga oil, is used in cheap perfume and for scenting soaps. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. The first harvest of flowers can be taken 1-2 years after planting, and the tree may reach full production in 10 years. COMMON NAMES Ylang-ylang, Makosoi, Cadmia, Ilang-ilang, Cananga. FURTHER INF Ylang-ylang is native of Southeast Asia. It is well adapted to lowland humid tropical conditions. Mentioned as a useful agroforestry species. Yields of flowers may be 4-5 kg per year from 4 years old trees and 8-10 kg when the trees are 10 years old.
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