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Eruca sativa

SynonymsEruca cappadocica Reuter, Eruca cappadocica var. eriocarpa Reuter [Boiss.], Eruca lativalvis Boiss., Eruca sativa var. eriocarpa Miller [(Boiss.)Post], Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa (L.)Cav. [(Miller)Th
Common namesarrugula, arugula, bekarki, eruca, fedorenta, garden rocket, oruga, oruga común, pinchão, rocket, rocket salad, roqueta común, roquette, ruccetta, rucola, rúcula, ruqueta, salad rocket, tira, true rocket, white pepper
Ecocrop code5794

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herbaceous plant reaching up to 80 cm in height. The basal leaves occur in a rosette. The flowers are white or light yellow. The seeds measure 1.5-2.5 mm and are brown. USES Leaves sharp tasting, used as salad and seasoning. The taste can be made milder by cooking or frying. Seeds used like mustard. In Asia, it is cultivated for oil production. The seed yields about 32% of a semidrying oil used for culinary purposes, as a lubricant and as a fuel. The oil must age 6 months before its acidic taste disappears. The plant also has medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Annual. (GMIN & GMAX estimated by the compiler). COMMON NAMES Garden rocket, Rocket, Salad rocket, Oruga, Oruga comun, Eruca, Roqueta comun, Ruqueta, Bekarki, Rucula, Ruce, Taramira, Fedorenta, Pinchao, Roquette, Roka, Persian mustard. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: E. vesicaria ssp. sativa. Garden rocket is probably native of the Mediterranean region. It often occurs on disturbed places and prefers hot, dry climates.
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