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Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera

AuthorityL. [Zenker]
Common namesBrussels sprouts, cavolini di Bruxelles (Italian), chou de Bruxelles (French), col de bruselas (Spanish)
Ecocrop code555

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herbaceous plant with a vigorous main stem becomming woody at the base. The edible parts are the axillary buds on the main stem and the lower sprouts. USES The compact heads and sprouts are eaten as vegetables. GROWING PERIOD Biennial herb normally grown as an annual. Sprouts may be harvested 100-130 days from transplanting. For seed production the crop is sowed in seedbeds in the spring, transplanted to the field in the summer, and harvested the following spring. COMMON NAMES Brussels sprouts. FURTHER INF Brussels sprouts originated in around the Mediterranean and southwestern Europe. In the tropics production of brussels sprouts is restricted to high altitudes above 700-900 m. A daily variation in temperature is required, with night temperatures of 16°C or lower. The young sprouts are at their best when hardened of by a sharp frost. Yields of 8-12 t/ha or 1 kg/m˝ may be obtained.
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