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Brassica oleracea var. capitata

AuthorityL. [Alef.]
SynonymsBrassica capitata hort., Brassica oleracae var bullata (Savoy cabbage), Brassica oleracea var capitata sabauda (Savoy cabb
Common namescabbage, cavolo (Italian), chou (Fr), kapeti kovu (Fiji), kapisi, kapisi palangi (Tuvalu), kebis, kraut (German), red cabbage, repollo (Spanish), Savoy cabbage, Shetland cabbage, white cabbage
Ecocrop code554

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herb forming rosettes of short petioled, very wide leaves, eventually forming a head. Three main varieties are; white headed cabbage, red headed cabbage, and savoy headed cabbage. During the second year an open flowering stalk with typical yellow flowers is produced. USES Leaves can be eaten fresh in salads, as a green cooked vegetable, or fermented. It is used in many mixed dishes. The red variety is often pickled. GROWING PERIOD Biennial, normally grown as an annual. Heads may be harvested in 60-90 days (lowland), and 80-110 or 200 days (elevation above 1000 m). COMMON NAMES Cabbage, White cabbage, Chou pomme, Chou cabus, Chous europeens, Col repollo, Kopfkohl, Sluitkoll, Repollo. FURTHER INF Cabbage is native of Europe. In the tropics, it is best grown at altitudes above 800 m, but selected cultivars are available for lower altitudes. Cabbage is adapted to 60-90% relative air humidity and low humidity may cause wilting. A difference of about 5°C between day and night temperatures appears to be necessary for adequate head development. Normally, flower initiation and stem elongation are induced by low winter temperatures of the order 4-7°C for several weeks. Yields are generally 12-40 t/ha or 1-3.5 kg/m˝.
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