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Brassica juncea

SynonymsSinapis juncea L.
Common namesbrown mustard, Chinese mustard , Indian mustard, mustard greens
Ecocrop code548

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herbaceous plant with an erect, branched stem up to 1 m tall, with a taproot reaching 60-80 cm in depth. Flowers yellow to cream. USES The seeds contain 25-35% of an edible oil used in cooking. The basal leaves are stalked, up to 20 cm long. The pungent leaves are used as aromatic potherbs, in mixed salads, and as cooking vegetables. GROWING PERIOD Annual. Leaves may be harvested 30-40 days from transplanting or 50-70 days from sowing, the plant mature in 75-100 days. COMMON NAMES Leaf mustard, Brown mustard, Indian mustard, Leaf mustard cabbage, Mustard greens, Chinese mustard, White mustard, Moutarde de Chine, Mostaza de la Rierra, Kai Choy, Kaai Ts`oi, Sesawi, Sarson kaag, Brown mustard, Rai. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: B. lanceolata, B. cernua, Synapis juncea, S. ramosa. Leaf mustard is possibly of Chinese origin. In tropical areas optimum growing conditions can be found in the lowland at elevations up to 2000 m. A dry season after the emergence of fruit will hamper the development of seeds, thus causing severe loss of yield. Leaf yields may be 50-60 t/ha and average seed yield 0.8-1.5 t/ha.
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