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Diospyros mespiliformis

AuthorityHochst ex A. DC.
SynonymsDiospyros senegalensis Perrot. ex A. DC.
Common namesabu seleba, African ebony, gugham, jackal-berry, jokhan, jughan, mgiriti, mjoho mpweke, West African ebony
Ecocrop code5466

It occurs in woodlands, savannahs and along riverbanks. It prefers areas with permanent water that helps in natural regeneration, and it grows faster in frost-free areas. It favours heavy soils on riverbanks but also occurs in open woodland and is commonly found on termite mounds. It is widespread at medium to low altitudes in Tanzania. Where it is more abundant along riverbanks and near swamps in Miombo woodlands than in wooded grasslands and lowland rainforests.


Altitude: In Tanzania, it can be found at elevations between 350-1300 m.
Temperature: Reported temperature range for growth is 12-34°C with the optimum between 16-27°C.
Water: Reported annual rainfall range for growth is 400-1500 mm with the optimum between 500-1300 mm.
Range & intensity: It thrives in full sunshine.
Physical: It prefers rocky soils, along seasonal watercourses and swamps. It grows well in red loams, volcanic and loamy sands, and termite mounds. The tree prefers moist soils. Susceptible to weeds. It prefers areas with permanent water, which helps in natural regeneration.
Chemical: It thrive on fertile soils. Reported soil pH range for growth is 5-7 with the optimum between 5.5-6.5.