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Dalbergia sissoo

AuthorityRoxb. ex DC.
Common namesIndian rosewood, shisham, sisso, sissoo
Ecocrop code5192

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium-sized deciduous or almost evergreen tree that can reach a height of 10-15 m in arid and semiarid regions but up to 30 m under irrigation or in high rainfall areas. The trunk is often crooked and may be up to 80 cm in diameter. It has a rounded open crown with spreading branches. USES Timber used for quality cabinet work and furniture. Also used for general construction, paneling, boat and shipbuilding, poles, posts, boxes, carving, and plywood and firewood and charcoal. The tree is planted for shade and young branches and foliage can be used as fodder. GROWING PERIOD Fast-growing perennial. Under optimal conditions the tree can reach nearly 4 m in 1 year and 9-11 m in 5 years. Can be grown on 10 years rotations. Withstands 3-4 months of drought. COMMON NAMES Sissoo, Sissau, Shisham, Sissu, Sisu, Tali, Sarsou, Nelkar, Karra, Tanach, Shewa, Yette, Sonossissoo, Indian rosewood, Bombay blackwood, Sefeda. FURTHER INF Sissoo is indigenous to northern India, Nepal and Pakistan. In the Himalayan, the tree can be found at altitudes between sea level and 1700 m. The tree occur naturally within the latitudinal range of 23-30°N. It is drought hardy. It is typically found in or along the the beds of streams and rivers descending valleys for some distance out on the plains. It colonizes landslides and exposed mineral soils. The tree fixes nitrogen and is mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. Annual wood production potential is 5-8 m3/ha, optimum annual wood production recorded is 15 m3/ha, grown on 10 years rotations. The tree needs protection against fire and animal browsing.
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