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Beta vulgaris

Common namesBeetroot, Silver beet, Sugarbeet, Zuckerrübe
Ecocrop code514

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A beet with large crisp, fleshy leaf stalks and large leaves rather than enlarged roots. USES The leaves are eaten as pot herb. It has medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Normally biennial, cool-season crop, growing 50-60 days to first harvest, but may require up to 150 days. Seeds are produced in the second year, after the mature plants have been subjected to a cold period. COMMON NAMES Spinach beet, Leaf beet, Seakale beet, Silver beet, Bette, Poiree a couper, Poiree ordinaire, Bit bodas, Remolacha para, Acelga cardo, Mangold, Snijbiet. FURTHER INF Wild forms of B. vulgaris occur along the shores of the Mediterranean. Yields of up to 10 t/ha can be obtained.
SOURCES (B. vulgaris L. v flavescens)
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