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Cuminum cyminum

SynonymsCuminum odorum Sahib.
Common namescominho, comino, cumin, cumin seed, kammun, kmin, komijn, ma-ch'in, romischer kummel, spiskummin
Ecocrop code5043

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small herb reaching 20-40 cm in height, while the root penetrate to a depth of 10-20 cm. The plant produces a stem with many branches bearing long, finely divided, deep-green leaves and small flowers that are white to rose-coloured. USES The seeds are used to flavor cheese, cakes and bread, and as seasoning for soups and stews. They are an essential ingrediant of curry and chili powder, also used in perfumery and have medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Annual herb, can be harvested 60-110 days after sowing. COMMON NAMES Cumin, Cummin, Faux anis, Faux aneth, Kreuzkummel, Romischer kummel, Ensilal, Kamun, Kamuna, Kamum, Kamun-bahari, Hawaja, Kemano. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: C. odorum, C. officinale, Cuminia cyminum, Cuminon longeinvolucratum, Ligusticum cuminum, Luerssenia cyminum, Selinum cuminum. Cumin is not adapted to tropical lowland conditions. The species is indigenous to northern Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean region. In Ethiopia cumin is grown at elevations between 1500-2200 m. The plant can withstand neither severe dry heat nor heavy rains. Yield of cumin seed is 0.5-1.2 t/ha. Mentioned as a useful agroforestry species.
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