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Citrus madurensis

SynonymsCitrus microcarpa Bunge, Citrus mitis Blanco
Common namescalamansi, calamondin, lima moscada, limoeiro do Japao, musk lime, Panama orange
Ecocrop code4635

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small tree reaching a height of 4-6 m. It may be somewhat spiny. The fruit is globose, yellow or green, 2-3 cm in diameter, and thin skinned. USES The fruit is used as a condiment, a flavoring in cooking, a stain remover, and it is made into drinks and marmelade. The flowers are a source of honey. The tree can be used as rootstock for lemon on high boron soils. It is mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Philippine lime, Kalamansi, Kalamunding, Aldonsis, Calomondin, Calamansi, Kalomondin. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: C. microcarpa, C. mitis, C. japonica. Philippine lime is native of the Philippines. It is a lowlands species and it does not tolerate wind well.
SOURCES (C. madurensis Lour.)
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