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Cinnamomum burmannii

Authority(Nees) Blume
Common names
Ecocrop code4567

DESCRIPTION: It is an evergreen tree. Leaves are glossy green, alternate, often opposite at tips of young branches, narrowly ovate to ovate, ca. 10 cm long, 3-4 cm wide. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial, growing 5 years before the first harvest. It has an economical life of 20 years. USE: The stem bark is used. Strongly aromatic, like Ceylon cinnamon, it shows only marginal bitternis and adstringency, but it tastes darker and lacks the exciting overtones that are so unique for the Ceylon variety. COMMON NAMES: Indonesian cassia, Pagang cassia, Kayu manis Padang, Suramarit, Que tren, Que ranh. FURTHER INF: Indonesian cassia can be found from western Sumatra and east to Timor, at elevations between sea level and 2000 m. The tree is however, best grow at altitudes between 550-1300 m. Planted as a forestry tree. Naturalizes in moist and wet forests.
SOURCES (C. Myanmarnnii (C.G. & Th. Nees) Bl.)
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