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Erythrina caffra

Common namescoast coral tree, kuskoraalboom, umSinsi, umSintsi
Ecocrop code44104

DESCRIPTION: It is a shortly deciduous tree usually reaching 9-12 m in height but can become up to 21 m tall. Trunk and branches grey, sometimes set with short, sharp prickles. The flowers, which are produced before the leaves, are borne in large clusters at the end of the thick stalks. They are orange-scarlet with a tinge of terra cotta or cream coloured. USE: becomes increasingly important as a protein supplement (for example the palatable stems) during the dry periods when pasture grasses are scarce and of low nutritive value. The tree is a good source of firewood. The seeds are said to be poisonous. Trees are planted for soil conservation, as living fences and ornamentals. It can fixes atmospheric nitrogen and usually drop the leaves during the dry periods, and these act as a mulch. GROWING PERIOD: Fast-growing perennial. COMMON NAMES: coast erythrina, coral tree, lucky bean. FURTHER INF: It is a tree of coastal districts. It is a tree of the wooded stream banks. It is fairly drought resistant and will stand several degrees of frost. Where frosts are heavy, it may grow but will not flower well.
SOURCE: ICRAF Agroforestree Database (06.05.02) E44104