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Apium graveolens

SynonymsSeseli graveolens Scop., Sium apium Roth., Sium graveolens Vest.
Common namesaipo, Apii folium, apio, celeri, celery, celery seed, ch'in, karafs, sedano, selderij, seldery, selleri, Sellerie, serorii, syel'derey, wild celery
Ecocrop code431

DESCRIPTION: It is a biennial, erect, glabrous herbaceous plant up to 100 cm tall. USE: The most common use of celery is for its thick, succulent leaf stalks that are used, often with a part of the leaf blades, in soups, cooked dishes and salads. All parts of the plant have medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD: Harvesting of early cultivars starts 55-60 days after direct sowing or 40-50 days after transplanting, late cultivars are harvested from 3 months after direct sowing or 3-5 months after transplanting. COMMON NAMES: celery, leaf celery, stalk celery, celeriac. FURTHER INF: It is a halophilous marsh plant, which explains the high water needs and good salt tolerance of cultivated types. It grows best in marshlands, by waterways and other damp sites. Celery demands a moist, pervious, fertile, if possible slightly saline soil well supplied with organic matter.