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Annona reticulata

Common namesanona, anona colodado, anona rosada, bullock's heart, cahuex, coracao de boi, corazon, custard apple, pox, qualtzapotl, sugar apple, tzimuy
Ecocrop code412

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small deciduous tree reaching 6-10 m in height, trunk up to 35 cm in diameter with an open, irregular crown and slender, glabrous leaves. The fruits are heart-shaped or sphrical and 8-15 cm in diameter. USES The fruit is edible, it can be eaten fresh or prepared into juices, ice-cream, puddings, etc. The leaves yield dye and tannin. Young twigs provide fibre. Leaves and unripe fruit have medicinal properties. The seed, leaves and young fruits are insecticidal. The three provides vigorous, resistant rootstocks for other members of the Annona genus. KILLING T Mature trees can withstand -3°C. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Begin to fruit 3-5 years after sowing. COMMON NAMES Bullock's heart, Custard apple, Sweetsop, Sugar apple, Coeur de boeuf, Cachimante, Anona, Corazon, Araticumape, Coracao de boi, Anona rosada, Cachiman, Buah nona, Kanova, Kanowa, Jambu nova, Ramphal, Araticumape, Coracao de boi, Anona colorado, Jamaica apple, Ochsenherzaphel, Anon, Anona pelon, Anon manteca, Manon, Condessa, Milolo, Anona de Cuba, Ramphael, Noi-hong, Cahuex, Pox, Qualtzapotl, Tzumuy, Serba rabsa, Nona, Nona kapri, Lonang, Sarikaya, Mo bat, Mean bat, Khan tua lot, Noinang, Noinong, Manong, Binh bat, Qua na, Mang cau dai. FURTHER INF Bullock's heart is native of the Caribbean area, and also occur in Central America, northern South America and in South-East Asia at elevations between sea level and 1500 m. Young trees need partial shade. Trees usually bear about 20-40 fruits per year, each about 300 g in weight but may produce up to 45 kg per year. The hard seeds are very toxic and all non-fruit parts are quite toxic.
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