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Calendula officinalis

Common namesCalendulae flos cum calycibus, Calendulae flos sine calycibus, Calendulae herba, marigold calendula, pot marigold
Ecocrop code4040

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herb reaching a height of 40-70 cm. It has a deeply penetrating taproot. The leaves are elongated, spatulate, light green and tomentose hairy. The inflorescence ia an orange, terminal capitulum of 4-7 cm in diameter. USES The flower heads are used for flavoring soups and stews, and they also have medicinal properties. The plant flowers throughout the season and is often cultivated as an ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Annual or rarely biennial. The seed may germinate within 4-5 days and the first flowers appear 40-50 days later. The plant will flower continuous to the autumn frosts. COMMON NAMES Calendula, Pot-marigold. FURTHER INF Calendula is indigenous along the Mediterranean coast and in western Asia. Average yield of dry petals is 200-300 kg/ha, while yields of complete inflorence may be 500-800 kg/ha. High humidity will increase the risk of infections of powdery mildew.
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