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Butomus umbellatus

Common namesbrudelys, butomo, flowering rush, grassy rush, junco florido, sarjarimpi, schwanenblume, water gladiolus
Ecocrop code3988

DESCRIPTION: It is a perennial, monocotyledon. It has slender, triangular, erect and 1-1.5 m tall stems, a stout rhizome, stiff, grass-like leaves and pink bitter almond scented flowers.
USE: The tubers, which contain over 50% starch, are edible when cooked. Also the seed is edible and the plant is grown as an ornamental in garden ponds. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Flowering rush, Brudelys, Sarjarimpi, Schwanenblume. FURTHER INF: It occurs as submersed plants in still or slowly-moving water in lakes, bogs, ponds, ditches and canals and as emerged plants in marshes and on shorelines. It grows in moist to wet soil or water up to 30 cm deep. It is native of can be found in central Europe from eastern England and France through southern Scandinavia and the northern Mediterranean into Russia. It has been introduced in northern United States (Vermont to Idaho) and in Asia. Seed germination is enhanced by wet cold stratification and long days. Best germination occurs on a wet emerged surface or in shallow water.