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Borassus flabellifer

SynonymsBorassus flabelliformis
Common namesAfrican fan palm, palmira, palmyra palm, panai, panam, tad, tadi, tal, tamar, tan, tar, toddy palm
Ecocrop code3765

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An evergreen tree (fan palm) reaching 12-33 m, with a trunk diameter of 45-60 cm. USES Fibres used for brush making. Leaves used as fans. An alcoholic drink, 'Toddy', can be made from the young flower-stalks. The sap contains 12% sucrose and in India, the sap is an important source of jaggery (sugar). GROWING PERIOD Perennial. The tree takes 10 years to form a trunk and first flowers when about 20 years old. Tapping normally begins when the palm is 25-30 years old and may continue for about 30 years. COMMON NAMES Palmyra palm, Toddy palm, African fan palm, Palmira, Tal, Tar, Tad, Tamar, Tadi, Panam, Panai, Tan. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: B. flabelliformis. Palmyra palm is believed to be native of tropical Africa. It is essentially a tropical species, but it will not produce satisfactorily under humid conditions. A single palm tree can produce 120.000 liters of sap during its tapping life.
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