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Boehmeria nivea

Authority(L.) Gaudich.
Common namesChina grass, ramie, ramio, rhea, white ramie
Ecocrop code3746

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect, monoecious shrub reaching 1-3 m in height at maturity. The canes reach 1-2 cm in diameter. USES The stems provide a highly waterresitant fiber with a greater tensile strength than cotton. The fiber is used in twine, thread, and other flax and hemp products, and is spun as grasscloth or Chinese linen. The tops and leaves are palatable, high in protein, and can be fed to livestock. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. There are an increase in yields in the 2nd and 3rd year. Stems can be harvested 2-3 times per year in temperate areas, 4-5 times in subtropical areas and in the tropics up to 6 crops can be produced anually. The crop is normally replanted after 7-10 years, but may persist for 20 years. May also be harvested after 45 days for fodder. COMMON NAMES Ramie, Rhea, China Grass, Ramio. FURTHER INF Ramie is native to central and western China. It can be grown between latitudes 6-45°N and 9-38°S. It is adapted to a relative air humidity about 80%. Both excessive rainfall and drought affects the quality of the fibre. Relatively flat areas, not subject to flooding as well as gentle sloping lands, not subject to erosion are suitable for ramie production. Yields of green plants may in temperate regions vary between 15-20 t/ha and in tropical areas 8-10 t/ha. Yields of about 1400 kg fibre/ha have been reported.
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