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Allium sativum

SynonymsPorrum sativum Reh.
Common namesaglio, ail, ajo, alho, alho de cultura, Bulbus Allii Sativi, chesnok, cultivated garlic, garlic, garlic oil, hvidløg, kaliki, Knoblauch, knoflook, ninniku, suan, thum, vitlök
Ecocrop code367

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect herbaceous plant reaching 60 cm in height with a bulb separated into small separate bulbs or cloves forming axillary buds. USES The cloves are used for flavoring foods. It can be used fresh or dehydrated and powdered or granulated. Oil and oleoresins contain alliin, which provide the characteristic flavor and smell of garlic. Broken-down alliin enzymes produce allicin, which has antibacterial properties. Garlic has a wide range of medicinal uses. GROWING PERIOD Biennial, normally grown as annual, growing 90-180 days. COMMON NAMES Garlic, Ail blanc, Ajo, Alho, Ail, Knoblauch, Bawang, Suen T'an, Taai suen, Thoam, Knoflook, Aglio, Vitlok. FURTHER INF Garlic is probably indigenous to central Asia. In the tropics, it can be grown successfully at elevations between 500-2000 m. High temperatures encourage bulb formation, but flower formation and seed production are only possible where the bulbs are subjected to low temperatures. In the tropics, flower and seed formation will therefore only occur at higher elevations. A cool period promotes early leaf production. Moist soil is required throughout the growing period, but excessive soil water and high humidity encourage diseases. For obtimal production the relative humidity should therefore be medium to low. Yields are within the range of 5-10 t/ha. Garlic has a maximum slope tolerence of 10°. Long days normally favour bulb development.
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