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Allium fistulosum

Common namesbranching onion, ceboleta de Espanha, chibol, Japanese bunching onion, Japanese leek, Spanish onion, Spring onion, stone leek, Welsh onion
Ecocrop code365

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herb with upright hollow cylindrical leaves arising from a basal bulblet. Offsets from the bulb form a dense clump. USES Leaves and whole plants are used raw, cooked, or mixed with other foods. The use is similar to that of leeks. The plant can be pickled or dried. GROWING PERIOD Perennial, grown as an annual. Growing 60-160 days. COMMON NAMES Welsh onion, Green bunching onion, Japanese bunching onion, Spring onion, Two-bladed onoin, Chinese small onion, Ciboule, Cive, Cebolla, Cebollin, Ceboletta, Rohtenlauch, Pijplook, Bieslook, Taai ts'ung, Kikiyu onion. FURTHER INF In the tropics, welsh onion can be grown successfully at altitudes between 1000-2000 m. High temperatures encourage bulb formation, but flower formation and seed production are only possible where the bulbs are subjected to low temperatures. In the tropics, flower and seed formation will therefore only occur at higher elevations. A cool period promotes early leaf production. Moist soil is required throughout the growing period, but excessive soil water and high humidity encourage diseases. Long days normally favour bulb development. Average yields may be 34-45 t/ha.
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