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Allium ampeloprasum

Common namesalho porro bravo, Levant garlic, liiki, vine leek, wild leek
Ecocrop code363

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A robust, erect herb, 40-100 cm tall, with a pseudostem consisting of the elongated bases and lower blade parts of the foliage leaves. USES The 'stem' is eaten as a cooked vegetable and as an ingredient of soups. GROWING PERIOD Biennial normally grown as an annual. Can be harvested after 120-150 days, but can be harvested over a long period of time. COMMON NAMES Leek, Poireau, Puerro, Breitlauch, Lauch, Porree, Elephant garlic, Great-headed garlic, Kurrat, Prei, Kutsai, Kau ts'ung, Taai suen, Taai ts'ung, Bawang prei, Bawang sayuran, Sibuyas-bisaya, Kuse, Khtum, Khchal, Peenz falangx, Krathiamton, Krathiam-bai. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: A. porrum. Elevations in the tropics of more than 500-1000 m are preferable for the production of leeks, but adequate yields may be obtained at sea level from local or specially selected cultivars. High temperatures encourage bulb formation, but flower formation and seed production are only possible where the bulbs are subjected to low temperatures. In the tropics, flower and seed formation will therefore only occur at higher elevations, but leek normally does not produce seeds in the tropics. A cool period promotes early leaf production, but large plant may be obtained at high temperatures if they are well watered. Moist soil is required throughout the growing period and growth will continue as long as adequate soil moisture is available, but excessive soil water and high humidity encourage diseases. Long days normally favour bulb development. Leek is considered to be indigenous to Levant in the eastern Mediterranean. Average yields in the tropics may be about 5-20 t/ha or 0.5-2 kg/m˝ and in temperate regions yields may reach 45 t/ha.
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