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Baccaurea racemosa

Authority(Reinw.) Muell. Arg.
Common namesmenteng
Ecocrop code3596

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium-sized tree reaching 15-25 m in height and a trunk diameter of 25-70 cm, with a dense and irregular crown. Leaves simple, ovate-oblong to obovate, 7-18 x 3-7 cm and fruits 2-2.4 cm in diameter, yellowish-green to reddish. USES The acidic fruit is edible, but must de eaten sparingly, or vomiting may occur. The leaves are thought to contain an alkaloid. It yields a fiber used for paper manufacture and the leaves yeild a dye. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Kapundung, Menteng, Kepundung, Bencoy, Jinteh merah. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: B. wallichii. Kapundung orginates from western Malesia where it is widely cultivated in Java, Sumatra, Bali and Peninsular. Malaysia. It thrives in tropical lowland forests at elevations up to 1000 m.
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