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Aleurites fordii

SynonymsVernicia fondii
Common names
Ecocrop code353

DESCRIPTION: A small deciduous tree reaching up to 12 m in height. USES: Tung oil is extracted from the seeds, it is very quick drying with good waterproofing properties. It is used in varnish and paint manufacture and in the production of linoleum, oilcloth, and in insulating compounds. The expressed oil cake can be used as a fertilizer. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Tung-oil-tree. FURTHER INF.: Tung-oil-tree is native of the cooler parts of western and central China. It occurs between 29-32°N and can be grown at altitude from 600-1000 m. A temperature around 7°C for at least 20 days is necessary for the tree to fruit well. Windbreaks are desirable. Yields of 600 kg of oil/ha/year or more can be obtained.
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