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Chlorophytum comosum

Authority(Thunb.) Jacq.
Common namesclorofito, green hen and chickens, hen-met-kuikens, iphamba, spider plant, ujejane, umhlambezo, walking anthericum
Ecocrop code34722

DESCRIPTION: It is a grass-like evergreen, clump-forming, perennial, herbaceous plant growing quickly to 25-35 cm in height and 60-90 cm in width. Planted in and hanging from a basket it can become 60-90 cm long. Wiry stalks up to 1.5 m long appear on healthy plants with many small white flowers. After blooming and fruiting, little tufts of leaves - plantlets - develop on the stalks. These little "spiders" take root wherever they touch the ground. USE: It is one of the most common houseplants. It is easily grown and is especially popular for the ease and speed with which it forms new plants. It makes excellent hanging baskets. In frost free climates, spider plant is used as a groundcover, in borders and as edging around beds, walkways and paths. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Spider plant. FURTHER INF: Low humidity and excessively dry soil may also cause brown leaf tips. Leaf tip burn is caused by too much fertilizer or water that is high in soluble salts. Plants should dry out briefly between waterings. A general-purpose potting soil is suitable for spider plants. Outdoors the plant will however grow in most well drained and somewhat fertile soils. It is native of coastal areas of South Africa.