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Apium graveolens var. rapaceum

AuthorityL., (Miller) Gaudin
SynonymsApium rapaceum
Common namesbleekselder, céleri-rave, celeriac, knob celery, knollensellerie, knolselder, knolselderij, turnip rooted celery, wurzelsellerie
Ecocrop code3289

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herbaceous plant with a swollen turnip-like structure which consists of stem, swollen hypocotyl and root. When the plants become reproductive the stem which is solid and ribbed elongates and may reach a height of 1 m. USES The turniplike root is used as a vegetable, usually cooked. GROWING PERIOD Annual or biennial. COMMON NAMES Celeriac, Turnip-rooted celery, Knob celery, Celery root, Zelina, Celery, Knoldselleri, Knolselderij, Celeri-rave, Knollensellerie, Gumos zeller, Sedano tuberosa, Seler bulwiasty, Aipo rabano, Telina uriasa, Sselderei, Apiorabano, Rotselleri. FURTHER INF Expected yields are 14-16 t/ha.
SOURCES (A. gravolens L. var. rapaceum Gaud-Beaup.)
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