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Annona montana

SynonymsAnnona marcgravii Mart., Annona muricata Vell., Annona pisonis Mart., Annona sphaerocarpa Splitg.
Common namesaraticum, araticum açú, araticum apé, araticum de paca, araticum-ponhe, boszuurzak, corossol zombie, corossolier bâtard, guanábana, guanábana cimarrona, guanábana de loma, guanábana de monte, guanábana de perro, mountain soursop, taragus, turagua, wild soursop
Ecocrop code3241

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small semi-evergreen or evergreen tree averaging 3-10 m in height and about 3.5 m in crown diameter. Leaves oblong-obovate, larger than those of soursop. Fruits up to 15 cm in diameter. USES The fruit is inferior to that of soursop but used in the same way. The fruits are eaten fresh or made into beverage, preserve, jam, or jelly. Immature fruits can be eaten as vegetables. The leaves have medicinal properties. The roots are employed as a vermifuge. It can be grown as an ornamental or use as rootstock for other species. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Mountain soursop, Guanabana cimarrona, Corossolier batard, Cimarrona, Ponhe. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: A. marcgravii. Mountain soursop is native of the Caribbean region. It can be grown up to 2000 m in elevation.
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