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Amaranthus hypochondriacus

Common namesprince's feather
Ecocrop code3090

BRIEF DESCRIPTION Erect herb up to 1.5 m tall with a branched stem. USES Grown for its light coloured seeds. The seeds are roasted and pounded into flour. GROWING PERIOD Annual, may be harvested 30-50 days from sowing. If the plant is cut back and not uprooted, it may continue to grow for 120-300 days and provide successive harvests. COMMON NAMES Princess-feather. FURTHER INF Princess-feather are grown in Mexico and Guatemala. Adapted to medium to low humidity. Photosynthesis pathway C4. Grain yields usually range from 800-1200 kg/ha but with the use of fertilizers the yield can be raised up to 3 t/ha.
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