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Alopecurus pratensis

Common names
Ecocrop code3046

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A grass with short rhizomes, slowly spreading, erect, producing a medium dense sod and reaching about 40-120 cm or even 170 cm in height. USES: Used for pasture, hay and silage. GROWING PERIOD: Cool-season perennial. COMMON NAMES: Meadow foxtail. FURTHER INF: It is native of temperate regions of Europe and Asia and has become subcosmopolitan in temperate regions. Widespread mainly in the lowlands. In the Alps, grows up to 1200 m. It has a wide climate range except in dry climates and is common in meadows and on waste land. Extremely resistant to cold and to long snowy periods. Tolerates shade, namely in old orchards. It is drought sensitive and has certain winter requirements. Thrives on cool and wet soils. Optimum on nutrient rich to very rich soils. Grows on slightly acid to alcaline soils. Widespread mainly on clay soils. Other types of soils can be suitable as far as they are wet and nutrient rich: alluvium, colluvium and peat soils.
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