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Allium chinense

AuthorityG. Don
Common namesalho chines, chiao t'ou, perennial Chinese onio, rakkyo, tsyu-tsai
Ecocrop code2994

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herb forming culmps with sharply angled hollow leaves and with well developed bulbs, 20-40 mm x 7-15 mm. It may reach up to 60 cm in height. USES The bulbs are usually pickled but are also used fresh. It has medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Biennial. May be harvested 45-60 days after planting. COMMON NAMES Rakkyo, Chiao tou, Bawang ganda, Lokyo, Krathiam-chin, Hom-prang, Hom-paenyuak. FURTHER INF Rakkyo is native to central and eastern China. Japan, China and California are centers of rakkyo cultivation. It is best adapted to intermediate latitudes, 30-40°N and S. Long days of 16 hours promote bulb and flower formation. Grown in to fertile soils, the growth becomes to vigorous, resulting in too large and soft bulbs. Bulbs should be in storage for 30-60 days to overcome dormancy. Yields of 15-20 t/ha have been reported from Japan, but are much lower in the tropics.
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