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Aegle marmelos

Authority(L.) Corr. Serr.
SynonymsAegle correa, Crataeva marmelos
Common namesbael, bel fruit, bel Indien, bel tree, bila, bilak, bnau, ma pin, maja, maja batu, matum, okshit, opesheet, tnái mam, toum, tum
Ecocrop code2844

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small deciduous tree reaching 10-15 m in height, while the trunk may reach 25-50 cm in diameter. Older branches are spiny, leaves trifoliate and the fruit is a subglobose berry, 5-12.5 cm in diameter, often with a hard woody shell. USES The fruit is eaten fresh, dried, as sherbet, syrup, marmalade, fruit nectar and made into beverage. It has medicinal properties. An oil extracted from the rind and used as hair tonic or as a yellow dye and it also has medicinal properties. The mucilage around unripe seeds is used as an adhesive and glue. The flowers are used in perfumery. The light, yellowish hardwood is used in a variety of ways, ranging from house constuction to tool handles. The leaves provide fodder and has medicinal properties. The bark exudes gum, and is used as fish poison. KILLING T Fairly frost-hardy. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Vegetatively propagated plants bear fruit after 5 years and full bearing can be attained in about 15 years. In India its flowers and leaves normally appears from March to May and leaves are shed in April-May. The fruiting cycle is about 1 year. COMMON NAMES Bael, Indian bael, Bael fruit, Bilva, Siniphal, Bael tree, Bengal quince, Indian quince, Holy fruit, Golden apple, Stone apple, Bel, Bel fruit, Bel India, Bela, Vilva, Bili, Bilak, Bila, Bnau, Maja, Maja batu, Matum, Tum, Ma pin, Trai mam, Opesheet, Okshit, Toum. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: A. correa. Bael is native of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is adapted to a relative humidity in winter from 40-80% and in summer from 60-90%. It can be found up to 500 m in elevation in the subtropics and up to 1200 in the tropics. The yield per tree is 200-400 fruits per year.
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