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Acanthus mollis

SynonymsAcanthus sativus Dod.
Common namesacanthus
Ecocrop code2737

DESCRIPTION: Dark green, very ornamental large leaves on an herbaceous, semi-hardy plant that grows about 90-200 cm tall and upright, with slightly less spread than height. Leaves can be quite large, with deep cuts, although there's quite a bit of difference among individual leaves. In summer, makes creamy white to slightly pink or purplish flowers on dramatically tall, erect stalks above foliage, although the plant's main drama is its foliage. USE: It is a fine foliage plants for the shrub border, but should be used with caution for it can easily become a pest - though admittedly a handsome and classical one. Since the explosive pods scatter seed over a wide area and it will regrow from any scrap of root, the plant is hard to eradicate. FURTHER INF: Native to Mediterranean region.