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Acacia pycnantha

Common namesAustralian Golden Wattle, Broad-leved wattle, Golden wattle, Gouewattel, Pycnantha wattle, Sickle-leaved wattle, Sickleleaf, South Australian golden wattle
Ecocrop code2685

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A shrub or small to medium-sized tree with stalked phyllodes instead of normal leaves. USES The thin bark has a high tannin content, the flowers yield oil used in perfumery and the tree produces gum and can be used for erosion control. The tree is planted as an ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Perennial, requires 10 years to maturity. COMMON NAMES Golden wattle, Broadleaved wattle. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: A. petiolaris. Golden mattle is native of southern Australia. Latitute range from 30-38°S. The tree has become a weed in South Africa.
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