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Acacia cambagei

AuthorityR.T. Baker
Common namesGidgee, Stinking Wattle
Ecocrop code2592

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small tree or shrub like tree up to 5-15 m tall. It can have a single or more stems, single stems might reach a diemeter of up to 30 cm. USES The wood can be used as firewood, charcoal, and fence posts and the tree can provide shade and shelter. GROWING PERIOD Long-lived perennial. Withstands droughts of up to 5 months. COMMON NAMES Gidgee, Gidyea, Gidya, Stinking wattle. FURTHER INF Gidgee is native of very dry parts of northeastern Australia, where it can be found at latitudes between 16-32°S at elevations from 75-500 m. The tree is nitrogen-fixing. It emits a strong rather offensive smell during humid or wet weather. It is mentioned as a possible agroforestry species.
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