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Thymus vulgaris

Common namesAetherolum thymi, common thyme, garden thyme, jakoso, pai-li-hsiang, sa'tar, thym, thyme, Thymi vulgaris herba, Thymian, tijm, tim'yan, timian, timjan, timo, tomilho, tomillo
Ecocrop code2441

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small, branched, woody herb or subshrub with purplish, or reddish-pink flowers reaching a height of 20-50 cm. USES Leaves and flower tops are used fresh or dried as seasoning in stuffings and other culinary preparations. An essential oil extracted from the leaves is used in perfumes. A derivative of the oil, thymol, has antiseptic properties and is used as flavoring in toothpastes and pharmaceutical products. It is also grown as an ornamental and it is a good bee plant and the source of thyme honey. KILLING T Frost may damage the plant if is not covered by snow. GROWING PERIOD Perennial, with an economical life of 3-4 years. COMMON NAMES Thyme, Common thyme, Garden thyme. FURTHER INF The species is indigenous to the southern European Mediterranean region. The yield is not very high in the first year, and then it is 1.5-2.5 t/ha of dry herb from the second year on. Thyme may also grow in damp clay soils, but it will not have such a good aroma.
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