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Pouteria campechiana

SynonymsLucuma nervosa A DC., Lucuma rivicoa Gaertn.f.
Common namesCanistel, Egg fruit tree
Ecocrop code2394

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect, evergreen tree, usually 5-20 m tall but can reach up to 30 m in height. The trunk may be 25-60 cm in diameter, with dark grey, finely ribbed bark. The fruit is a spindle-shaped to subglobose, yellow berry. USES After removal of skin and seeds the fruit can be eaten as a fruit or vegetable. It can be used in pies and other baked goods or blended with milk and nutmeg, to produce a cold beverage. It may be added to ice-cream or preserved as a marmelade. It can also be dehydrated and used in powdered form. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. First harvest 3-4 years from planting. Fruits ripen 5-6 months after bloom. COMMON NAMES Canistel, Egg-fruit-tree, Ti-es, Yellow sapote, Tiesa. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: Lucuma nervosa, L. salicifolia. Canistel is native of northeastern South America and Mexico. In the tropics, it can be found at elevations below 1400 m, in the subtropics only near sea level. It tolerates brief frosts and will flourish despite long dry seasons. On poor soils the tree bear heavy crops of fairly uniform, small fruits, while on better soils it produce larger but fewer fruits.
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