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Terminalia bellirica

Authority(Gaertner) Roxb.
SynonymsTerminalia bellerica (Gaertner) Roxb.
Common namesmyrobalan
Ecocrop code236039

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tall deciduous tree reaching 40-50 m in height, with a straight, clean bole up to 1/2 the tree height and with a diameter at breast height of up to 2-3 m, buttressed when large. Fruit a subglobose to broadly ellipsoid drupe, 2-3.5 cm long and 5 angular. USES The fruits are use for tanning hides into leather and they yield a dye used for dying cloth and matting, and for the preparation of ink. The kernels can be eaten, but they prossess narcotic properties. An oil extracted from the seeds are used in hair-oil and in the manufacture of soap. Both the unripe and ripe fruit has medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. On good soil, the tree can reach 20-25 m in height within 15 years. COMMON NAMES Beleric myrobalan, Belliric myrabolan, Bedda nut tree, Myrobalan lelleric, Jaha kebo, Jaha sapi, Jaha, Jelawai, Mentalun, Sramaa pipheek, Heen, Haen, Si-ba-duu, Samo phi phek, Bang hoi, Bang moc, Nhu't, Bahera, Tare, Goting, Bherda, Tani, Tandi, Thitsein. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: T. belerica. Beleric myrobalan Usually occurs scattered in deciduous forests on periodically dry soils at elevations up to 600 m. The tree can withstand light shade in youth.
SOURCES (T. bellirica (Gaertner) Roxb.)
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