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Nelumbo nucifera

SynonymsNelumbium nelumbo (L.) Druce, Nelumbium speciosum Willd.
Common namesChinese arrowroot, East Indian lotus, Egyptian bean, Egyptian lotus, Hindu lotus, Indian lotus, loto indico, lotus, nelumbo, nelumbo rosa, sacred bean, sacred lotus, water bean
Ecocrop code2359

KILLING T: The rhizome in its dormant state underground can withstand -5°C. USE: The rhizome retain their crisp texture even when cooked. Thread-like mucilaginous strands exude from cut or broken surfaces when the pieces are pulled apart. Starch obtained from the storage rhizome has properties similar to that from arrowroot. Immature leaves including the petioles are used as greens. Mature seeds and carpets are eaten, both are reported by the Chinese to have medicinal qualities. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial herb, growing 120-200 days per year. COMMON NAMES: Sacred lotus, Lotus, East Indian lotus. FURTHER INFO: Storage rhizomes can be harvested after 120 days in warm climates and after 150 to 180 days or after the leaves die in cold weather in cool climates. At harvest, the water is drained and the fragile rhizomes are dug carefully. In some farms in Japan, high pressure water stream is used to wash away the mud and expose the storage rhizomes. Yields vary from 3.5 to 4.5 metric tons per ha. Higher yields can be obtained if flowers are removed.
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