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Lansium domesticum

SynonymsAglaia aquea (Jack) Kosterm. (1966), Aglaia domestica (Correa) Pellegrin (1911), Aglaia dookoo Griffith (1854), Lansium aqueum (Jack) Jacks, Lansium javanicum K.& V.
Common namesboboa, bònbon, buahan, duku, duku-langsat, kokosan, langsat, lansones, longkong
Ecocrop code2318

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small to medium-sized, erect, symmetrical tree reaching 10-30 in height, with a bole up to 25 m tall and up to 75 cm in diameter. Under cultivation the tree is usually only 5-10 m tall. The tree has 10-20 cm long composed leaves. The fruits varies in form and character, but is generally oval or round, 2.5-5 cm in diameter, velvety and straw-colored. USES The fruit is juicy and of aromatic subacid flavor, it is a good source of carbohydrates and potassium. It is usually eaten fresh, but seedless fruit may be bottled in syrup. The wood is durable and used for house posts, toll handles, etc. The dried fruit peels can be burnt as a mosquito repellent. The fruit peel, seeds, and bark have medicinal properties. KILLING T It is damaged by frost, but has been recorded as withstanding frost in Florida. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Begin to bear about 10 years after sowing, or 5-8 years after transplanting. COMMON NAMES Langsat, Lansium, Arbol de lanza, Arbol de lance, Ayer ayer, Lansone, Tagalog, Lanzone, Duku, Duku-langsat, Lanson, Dookoo, Lanzonez, Lanzonez, Lansones, Longkong, Kokosan, Boboa, Buahan, Bon-bon. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: Aglaia dookoo, A. domestica, A. aquea. Langsat is native of Malaysia, the Philippines, Java and Borneo. It is well adapted to the humid lowland tropics below 800 m of elevation, but thrives best near sea level. It requires a filtered shade and a humid almost stress-free tropical environment. A short dry season appears necessary to trigger flower differentiation. Some countries have one crop per year, while others have two. The yield is variable from 40-300 kg per tree. Mean yields of 2.5 t/ha in the Philippines and 5.6 t/ha in Thailand.
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