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Juglans regia

Common namesäkta valnöt, almindelig valnød, echte Walnuß, Juglandis disseptum, Juglandis folium, Juglandis pericarpium, noce, nogal, noyer, Nussbaum, valnöt, valnötsträd, valnød, Walnussbaum, walnut, walnut tree
Ecocrop code2315

Sims D (pers. comm.); Roecklein J 1987 pp 325 [USE, TEMP, DEP, DRA, FER, TEXT]; Duke J 1979 pp 97; Rehm S 1991 pp 244 [USE, RAIN]; Szentivanyi P 1990 pp 261; Hackett C 1982 pp 123 [FER, PHO, DEP, PH, TEXT, TEMP]; Hartmann T 1981 pp 606-607 [KTMP, RAIN, TEMP, FER, DRA, TEXT]; Woodroof J 1979 pp 616-655 [KTMP, DRA, PH, DEP, TEMP, RAIN]; Troup R 1921 pp 894-900; Hockings E 1961b pp 307-308 [TEMP, RAIN, KTMP, FER, DEP, DRA]; Wickens G 1995 pp 26-28 [USE]. DESCRIPTION A medium-sized to tall deciduous tree reaching 25-45 m in height. It has composed leaves up to 37 cm long, with 5-13 leaflets. The fruit is a large, subglobose, indehiscent drupe 4-5 cm in diameter. USES The nuts are rich in fat, vitamin B, iron, phosphorous, and unsaturated fatty acids. They are used in baked goods, candy, ice cream, and frozen foods. A nut meal is used to thicken savory and sweet dishes. Green nuts can be pickled, or made into marmelade, jams, or syrups. An oil extracted from the nuts can be used in cooking and filtered oil is used in paints industries, and residual oil cakes are used in dairy feeds. Trees are tapped for their sugary sap, and their roots and mature or green husks are used as a minor dye source. The wood is used for veneer, furniture, and gunstocks. Trees are also planted as ornamentals and shade trees. KILLING T Open buds, flowers and leaves will not tolerate frost. Dormant trees of Persian cultivars may survive -10øC and dormant trees of Carpathian cultivars may survive temperatures down to ˆ40°C. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. First harvest 2-3 years after planting. COMMON NAMES English walnut, Persian walnut, European walnut, Royal walnut, Italian walnut, Madeira walnut, French walnut, Chile walnut, Manchurian walnut, Caucasian walnut, Circassian walnut, Noyer commun, Nogal comun, Akhor, Khor, Krot, Akhrot, Dun