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Fragaria vesca

SynonymsFragaria ananassa
Common namesahomansikka, fragolina di bosco, Knickbeere, månadssmultron, mansikka, markjordbær, skogssmultron, skov-jordbær, smultron, villijar›arber, Walderdbeere, wild strawberry
Ecocrop code2301

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small erect herb with a short central stem (crown), spreading widely by means of runners or slender creeping stolons. Leaves trifoliate, flowers white. Fruit a pseudocarp, obovoid, about 1.5 cm x 1 cm, flesh soft and sweet. USES Fruits are eaten raw or prepared as jam, jelly, etc. All parts of the plant have been used in traditional medicine. KILLING T Blossoms are killed by frost, and a hard frost will kill the plant. GROWING PERIOD Perennial, may be harvested 180-270 days from planting and can bear for 3-4 seasons. COMMON NAMES European strawberry, Strawberry, Wood strawberry, Fraisier de bois, Arben, Strawberi, Atakbang, Stroboeri, Dau tay. FURTHER INF European strawberry originated in Europe. It require a period of winter chilling to overcome the dormancy period, the chilling temperatures and period differ among cultivars. In Malesia it grows well at higher altitudes.
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