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Fagopyrum esculentum

SynonymsFagopyrum sagittatum Gilib., Polygonum fagopyrum L.
Common namesalmindelig boghvede, bokkveite, bokvete, bovete, Buchweizen, buckwheat, echter Buchweizen, fagopiro, Fagopyri herba, Fagopyri semen, grecicha kul'turnaja, Keidekorn, mite phapar, ogal, poganka, qiaomei, sarrasin, soba, trigo sarraceno, vanligt bovete, viljatatar
Ecocrop code2285

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herbaceous, erect, glabrous species reaching a height of 60-90 cm. USES The seed is ground into flour and provides stock and poultry feed, or it is roasted or boiled for food. Plants are grown for green manure. A medical substance, rutin, is obtained from the leaves and flowers. The flowers is a source of honey. GROWING PERIOD Summer growing annual herb. In cool areas 55-85 days is sufficient to mature a seed crop. COMMON NAMES Common buckwheat, Buckwheat, Trigo mourisco. FURTHER INF Common buckwheat can be grown at sea level in temperate regions and at high altitudes in the tropics. Hot drying temperatures and drying weather at blooming blast flowers and prevent seed formation. Common buckwheat does not grow well on heavy wet soils or high lime soils. Light sandy soils with a high nitrogen level may cause lodging and reduction in seed yields. Average seed yield in the United States is 0.9-1 t/ha, in Kenya 1 t/ha, and in Russia 1-1.3 t/ha, but up to 3.8-4 t/ha can be obtained.
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