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Anethum graveolens

SynonymsAnethum sowa Roxb. ex J. Fleming, Peucedanum graveolens (L.) Benth., Peucedanum graveolens (L.) Hiern.
Common namesAetheroleum anethi fructus, Aetheroleum anethi herba, aneth, Anethi folium, Anethi fructus, aneto, dill, dille, East Indian dill, endro, eneldo, funcho bastardo, garden dill, shibith, shih-lo, ukrop
Ecocrop code2192

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A straight and erect herb reaching a height of 30-180 cm. The leaves are compound trifoliate and the leaflets are thin and fibre-like. The small, bright yellow flowers are in a compound umbrella. USES Both green parts and seed are used as spice, for herbal tea and have medicinal properties. KILLING T Young plants bear the late spring frosts without any damage. GROWING PERIOD Annual or biennial, require 150-180 days for production of seeds. The leaves are harvested when mature. COMMON NAMES Dill, Aneth, Aneth odorant, Fenouil puant, Fenouil batard, Selan, Eneldo, Dille, Hinoj, Gemeiner Dill, Dillfenchel, Teufelsdill, Gurkenkraut, Ensilal, Insilal, Shelan, Kamun, Kamuni, Sandanshoa, Salabeta, Shilan. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: A. arvense, A. sawa, Angelica graveolens, Ferula graveolens, Pastinaca anethum, P. gravoelens, Peucedanum anethum, P. graveolens, P. sowa, Selinum anethum. Dill is probably native of the Mediterranean region and Southeast Asia. In Ethiopia dill is grown at altitudes between 1500-2000 m, most forms will in the tropics thrive at elevations above 200 m. In temperate climates it can be grown at sea level. Full exposure to the sun may reduce the growth rate. Optimum yield of raw green plant material is 25 t/ha and of seed 0.5 t/ha. It has been reported to be a troublesome weed in Paraguay.
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