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Zingiber officinale

SynonymsAmomon zingiber L., Zingiber blancoi Massk.
Common names'ava pui, beladi, cagolaya ni vavalagi, Canton ginger, chiang, dendabil, gember, gengibre, gingembre, ginger, imbir', ingefaera, ingefær, ingwer, jengibre, kopakai (Cook I), mangarataia, papasa (Simbo), pasapasa (Roviana), poloi (Niue), shoga, stem ginger, true ginger, zanjabil, zenzero, zingibil
Ecocrop code2177

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A slender, erect herbaceous plant, 30-100 cm high, with a robust branched rhizome borne horizontally near the soil surface, bearing leafy shoots close together. The fleshy sympodial rhizome is hard, thich and usually pale yellow within. USES The underground stem is used as a spice for culinary purposes and for ginger beer, ginger ale and ginger wine. An essential oil is used in flavoring essences and perfumery. It also has medicinal properties. Mentioned as a useful agroforestry species. GROWING PERIOD Perennial, usually grown as an annual. In India, the crop is usually planted in May, and in Queensland in September. The plant can be harvested after 270-365 days, when the stalks begin to wither. COMMON NAMES Ginger, Gingembre, Jingibre, Ingwer, Zingibel, Zinjibil, Zanzai, Then-schibel, Gingebela, Zenjibil, Dendabil, Kundi, Zanjabeel, Sankanjabir, Citaraho, Jinja, Tangawizi, Ata-le, Jinja. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: Z. zingiber, Z. blancoi, Z. majus, Amomum zingiber. Ginger is mainly cultivated in the tropics from sea level to 1500 m and it thrive in hot, moist conditions, but can be grown over more diverse conditions than most other spices. Ginger originated in South East Asia, but is nowhere known in a wild state. When grown on slopes the production may result in severe erosion unless adequate soil-conservation methodes have been employed. Low temperatures will induce dormancy. The expected yield of dried ginger may be 1.5-7.5 t/ha. The dried ginger constitues about 25% of the raw rhizome's weight. Yields of green ginger can be up to 38 t/ha.
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