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Vigna mungo

Authority(L.) Hepper
SynonymsAzukia mungo (L.) Masam., Phaseolus mungo L.
Common namesbean - mung, black gram, mung bean, urd, urid
Ecocrop code2149

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect, bushy, pubescent, herbaceous legume reaching 30-100 cm in height with trifoliate leaves, small, light yellow flowers and short flat pods reaching 4-6 cm in length. USES The beans are boiled and eaten whole or in paste form. The can also be parched and ground into flour. Green pods can be eaten as vegetables. The plant is used as green manure, cover crop, and as short-term forage. The hulls and straw are used as cattle feed. Seed flour are used as soap substitute. It has medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Annual herb, growing 60-80 days before it can be harvested for green pods, and 75-130 days for mature beans. In India, it is grown both as a summer and winter crop. COMMON NAMES Urd, Urd bean, Wooly pyrol, Black gram, Mash, Adad, Amberique, Balatong, Biri, Chiroko, Choroko, Dau-muoi, Grao de pulha, Haricot mungo, Harcot velu, Illundu, Kachang hijau, Kachang hitam, Kalai, Kambulu, Kifudu, Mahasha, March, Mung bean, Frijol mungo, Mate mah, Matikalai, Udad, Ulundu, Minumulu, Mat-pe, Munggo, Siu tau. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: Phaseolus mungo. Urd bean originated in South East Asia. In India it is grown from sea level to 2000 m in elevation. It prefer low to medium humidity, is drought hardy and is not suited to the wet tropics. It is best grown during dry weather with residual soil moisture. Rain at flowering time has a very adcerse effect upon seed yields. Average yields in India of dry seeds vary between 340-1500 kg/ha.
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