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Vigna angularis

Authority(Willd.) Ohwi & H. Ohashi
SynonymsPhaseolus angularis (Willd.) Wight.
Common namesadsuki, adzuki bean, adzukibohne, atsuki atzuki, azuki bean, fagiolo adzuki, feijâo adzuki, frijol adzuki, frijol diablito, haricot à feuilles angulaires, haricot adzuki, haricot konde, nirikia, poroto arroz, red bean
Ecocrop code2147

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A bushy and erect or vining or prostrate, herbaceous legume reaching 25-90 cm in height, with trifoliate leaves, bright yellow flowers and 6-12.5 cm long, cylindrical pods with 6-14 seeds. USES The dried pulse is used as human food, either cooked whole or made into a meal used in soups, cakes or confections. Sprouted beans are used as a vegetable. Beans may be popped as corn, used as a coffee substitute or eaten candied. Flour is used for shampoos and facial cream. Beans and leaves have medicinal properties. The crop is grown for forage, green manure and erosion control. GROWING PERIOD Summer annual. Seed ripen evenly in 60-190 days. For hay, it should be cut when pods are about half mature. COMMON NAMES Adzuki bean, Frijol adzuki, Adzukibohne, Fagiolo adzuki, Feijao adzuki, Frijol diablito, Haricot adzuki, H. a feuilles angularies, H. konde, Nirikia, Poroto arroz, Red bean. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: Azukia angularis, Dolichos angularis, Phaseolus angularis. In the Philippines Adzuki bean is grown at elevations above 420 m. It is probably native of Japan. It is suitable for the subtropics or high altitude tropics. Average seed yields range from 1-2.5 t/ha. In Taiwan, it is 1450 kg/ha, in Japan 1900 kg/ha, in Kenya 500-600 kg/ha and in New Zealand 1340-2240 kg/ha.
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