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Urena lobata

Common namesaramina, bur mallow, Caesar's weed, caesarweed, chosuched e kui, cousin urène, dádangse (Guam), dadangsi, dadangsi apaka, dadangsi machingat, gataya (Fiji), hibiscus burr, jute africain, karap (Pohnpei), korop (Pohnpei), manutofu (American Samoa and Samoa), mautofu (American Samoa and Samoa), mo'osipo Tonga, mosipo (Niue), motipo (Niue), nggatima (Fiji), nognuk (Chuuk), ocher (Chuuk), osuched a rechui (Palau), pink Chinese burr, pink flowered Chinese burr, piripiri (French Polynesia), qatima (Fiji), urena, urena burr, urena weed
Ecocrop code2125

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A spreading, branched shrup reaching a height of 4-5 m. USES It is grown as a fiber crop. Its fiber is obtained from the bark of the stems, it resemples jute and is used in hessian, ropes, coffee bags, and carpets. GROWING PERIOD Grown as an annual in subtropical regions and as a perennial in the tropics, growing 105-180 days. COMMON NAMES Urena, Aramina fiber, Congo jute, Carillo, Caesar weed, Aramina, Carillo, Rama-rama, Uassima, Urem, Guaxima, guaximaroxa, Malva Malva roxa, Mlavaisco, Ybaxana-gola, Vacina, Ibaxama, Patta-apple, Malva blanca, Guaxima, Malva violetta, Guizaza, Cadillo, Cousin rouge, Ban, Ban-ochra, Pulut, Paka, Kulut-kulutan, Cousin makoe. FURTHER INF Urena can be found between latitudes 30°N and S at elevations between sea level and 1500 m. Commercial production however, is restricted to latitudes between 20°N and S. It require hot, humid weather, with a relative air humidity around 73-85% and alternating sun and rain. It spreads very easy and can become a weed in other cultivations. High winds can cause lodging. Require humid conditions. Production of green plants may be about 40 t/ha, yielding about 2-3 t/ha of dry retted fiber.
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